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Increase Quality Family Time Through Unique Family Traditions

Tom Watson - Friday, September 30, 2011

On September 22, Diane Sawyer aired a segment that highlighted the benefits of regular sit-down family dinners.  The piece claimed that arranging family meals lead to both positive behavior and reduced risky behavior among teenagers.  Being a father, husband and son, I was truly inspired by Diane’s report and left pondering additional ways I can instill positive attributes in my sons’ lives.

I began thinking to myself that each of my children are different.  As a father, I need to make myself available to partake in each of their individual interests.  Family traditions, as goofy as they might be – in fact, I’ve found the goofier ones to be the ones that my family and I are most eager to continue - have always been huge in my family.  So I ask you, what interests do your children hold that you can use to construct a family tradition? 

Those of you who know me or have read Man Shoes, realize I have a creative approach to building unique traditions around special events.  When the boys were younger, we celebrated customs, such as bringing the Santa tradition to life by dressing as him and handing out family awards - better known as the Watson “You Are Special” plate - for individual achievements.   I realize that it's these types of customs or traditions that my family and I share with one another that keep us connected and interested as a group, as well as open to individual growth.

I think having a family really helps form traditions - but I also think traditions help form a family.  So enjoy forming your own traditions with your family.  Most of all, remember to have fun with it.  In twenty years, your kids will keep coming home to share in those traditions and you'll realize how important those little traditions were to raising those children into fine young people I'm sure.

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