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Living in the Moment

Tom Watson - Tuesday, October 11, 2011
I’m a big believer in intentionality - living our lives with intention.  Some people I’m sure would classify me as a “down the road planner”, but what most people don’t realize is that I really believe that “living each moment to it’s fullest” is the key to living successful lives.  We are surrounded daily by so many things to be thankful for – special people, breathtaking nature, and personal growth opportunities – that sometimes we take for granted our many blessings.

Living in the moment for me means becoming fully aware of our surroundings, whether big or small.  I encourage you to pause for a moment and recall the good things in your life and all that you have completed today.  Life’s simplest things, such as waking up and taking on a new day with the people you hold most dear, are reason enough to smile.

I believe each of us has been created to fulfill many purposes in our lives.  For me, I believe my main purpose is to be a loving and supportive husband to my wife and a positive influence for my boys. If I only accomplish one of the purposes I was created to fulfill – I want to make sure this key purpose is the one I succeed at.

Taking the time to reflect on my faith and being thankful for everything that comes my way helps me to see the best in all life’s situations.  I believe we as individuals are asked by our creator to take full advantage of each moment before it passes us by.  If we overlook common everyday successes, how are we able to be fully
thankful for our biggest successes as they come along?  I encourage you to live your life with intention.  See your life as an opportunity to impact the world in a positive way – and act on that today.
Jeff Hunkin commented on 11-Oct-2011 08:36 AM
When we get older, or even today, do we not reflect back to moments in life when we should have slowed down to enjoy them, a holiday, our kids X-mas concert, a anniversary etc. Its never to late to start living the moment and appreciating today. I personally
practice this as best I can every day, but was failing to realize even work could be appreciated, so I resolved in the presence of my spouse that this year , instead of counting the hours til I was off, I would try to appreciate some of the hours and enjoy
them, instead of begrudging them. It has made those unavoidable hours now meaningful, or at least better. My example is at the end of the day I take my clients somewhere quiet and peaceful for a pop. Instead of looking at the clock thing 40 more minutes, I
look at the beach,sunshine, kids playing and reflect what a great job this can be. JH

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