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When It Comes To Family & Friends Share Time – Don't Just Spend Time (There's A Difference!)

Tom Watson - Tuesday, October 18, 2011
With a struggling economy, it’s seemingly impossible to get ahead.  Many of us spend most of our time juggling our career, family and personal lives.  It's a difficult balance at the best of times!  These days, if we're lucky enough to have a job most of us are spending more hours there than we were before.  Unfortunately, escalating numbers are without work these days and are spending a good chunk of their lives worrying and trying to find jobs.  As parents and heads of the household, it seems that our “To-Do Lists” are never-ending and its very difficult to meet the growing financial and time crunch issues we are facing. Many of us are stressed out and running on fumes and because of that something has to give!  Often – family time is what is being sacrificed and in many cases time spent with family is done in an agitated, distracted fashion.

Maybe now more than ever we need to rethink family time and realize that it is about sharing time – not spending time; and it’s important for us and our children to understand there is a difference.  The word “spend” often holds a negative connotation which I believe we should avoid linking with family time.  To often we hear people say "I have to go and spend time with my family" like it's a bad thing.  We need to realize that being with our loved ones is a blessing and we're not losing anything; in fact we're gaining invaluable support and stability by being with them.  I encourage you to share time with your family, because sharing indicates that both your family and you are getting something positive out of that time.  Your spouse and kids need to know that you aren’t paying attention to them out of obligation, but rather, because you need to be with them as much as
they need to be with you.  Sharing family time builds a better relationship between you, your spouse and your children.  Sharing laughs together, sharing challenges as they arise, and sharing everyday achievements, strengthens your bond with your loved ones and helps all family members keep what’s most important in perspective.

If you’re lucky enough to have a family, remind yourself and them daily of how fortunate you are.  Remember, family time is a blessing, not an obligation.  Make sure you schedule in -share time- with your family weekly if not daily – you'll all be better off because you did!
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